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campus dining

The timeless tradition of “Breaking Bread” is alive and well in our campus dining facilities. At Provider we don't just serve food – we give students a culinary experience in settings that rival modern cafes and bistros.

Our culinary team develops our menu items into “bite-sized plates” to help introduce students to new tastes, unique offerings, and contemporary food choices, all while reducing the food waste that has become infamous in all-you-care-to-eat dining programs.

Students are our customers, and to ensure their satisfaction, we interact with them through their medium of choice, our proprietary digital app. From posting daily menus and offering dietary filters to collecting real-time feedback, our digital app plays a key role in achieving our target programs, preferred menu options, and ultimately allows us to continually elevate the campus dining experience.

In addition to satisfied students, we know how important it is to win over faculty and staff, as well as alumni and donors. Our experienced catering department will impress even the most critical guest with our attention to detail and the ability to truly elevate any event.

Higher Ed

corporate dining

Just as a kitchen is the heart of the home, the corporate cafe should be the heart of the office. A living space where collaboration and innovation thrive. We work with your leadership team to build a hub that not only compares to your team member's favorite dining spots but proves to be a magnetic force, supporting the company culture you have worked so hard to create.  

From farm-fresh produce to sustainable meats and plant-forward dishes, your menu will be a reflection of the values of your corporation.  Our culinary team will ensure every menu detail speaks to your team members. 

We also understand the need to keep the attention of your team members and have a robust schedule of monotony breakers including guest chefs, seasonal menus items and exhibition events. We offer wellness programs and develop menus that promote inclusivity for all diners regardless of dietary needs or restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, gluten avoidance, diabetic, halal, kosher, etc. We believe a corporate cafe should be a space for all team members. 

Corpoate Dining
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