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At Provider, we bring together a staff of professionally trained chefs from diverse culinary backgrounds and hospitality managers with decades of retail dining experience, to elevate the art of breaking bread. We enjoy taking a fresh new slant on food preparation and presentation to achieve

up-to-date and flavorful menu selections. We bring new ideas, new designs, cutting-edge décor, and truly appetizing and enjoyable food to those you care about each and every day.

Based on our successful standings with the public from our flagship seafood restaurants, Market Broiler & MB Grille, we secured our first contract account with Harvest Christian Fellowship. Shortly after, Cal Baptist University invited us to renovate their existing food service. We are honored to consistently be voted #1 Best Private College Food in California, thanks to the satisfied CBU students!

As we learned, Provider disrupted the typical food service model and approached the contract business with an entirely different philosophy. Our chef-driven strategy allows us a stronger focus on customer satisfaction, premier food quality, and artful presentation.


It’s not only about great service or great value, or even creating a craveable food experience that is competitively priced; it’s more than that for us. We are most interested in listening to our clients, understanding your needs, and making a plan that achieves your strategic goals. Whether it is higher food quality, a variety of offerings, convenience, great value, safety standards, and sustainability all with 100% financial transparency --  we customize plans and bring the best solutions for those we serve.


Since our inception in 1989, Rodney Couch, CEO & Founder of Preferred Hospitality, Inc. (PHI), the parent company of Provider Contract Food Service, Market Broiler and MB Grille Restaurants, has made it our goal to provide guests and clients alike with the highest level of hospitality and value possible. 


Provider got its start in the Inland Empire assisting churches, schools, and local organizations in building reputable food service venues.

As we have grown, we have developed programs, designed dining halls, and taught others to self-operate. While most of our clients have asked us to recreate their dining programs, at the point of transition, we always step back and listen, then assess through collaboration. Our goal is to not disrupt the culture while working towards continuous improvement.

We have had the privilege of helping clients keep their core competence focused on their strategic goals while we develop food service plans that drive participation and satisfaction through enhanced dining experiences, high-quality ingredients, fresh food concepts, and great value offerings.


Provider has not only experienced loyalty from our clients but also unheard-of longevity of employment with our associates. Many of our team members started as student-workers attending the campuses we serve, and have moved on to the highest level of management.


Our team’s talents, integrity, and passion for upholding our mission of being the best food program are represented by the accolades from the students, and the high level of client satisfaction, which has allowed us to grow with clear intent. 



Our ‘Bite-Size Plate’ concept was modeled after Spanish Tapas to offer restaurant quality, small-plate presentations, in the all-you-care-to-enjoy format. It encourages guests to explore and experience a variety of foods, but in smaller, healthier portions, resulting in less campus food waste.

Ongoing nutritional education is integrated into our menu offerings, while Vegetarian and No-Gluten-Added options are posted at each meal period. Additionally, we provide Special Dietary Needs Station which offers No-Gluten-Added, Dairy-Free and other Special-request Diet Items. Meal Plans are customized to meet special dietary needs while maintaining inclusivity and fellowship.  



We supply timely, meaningful and reliable reports on purchasing, rebates, and detailed financial performance.  Our transparency includes audible rights as a crucial component in building trust and lasting relationships with our clients.


Our objective is to adhere to a balanced strategy that works long-term and is sustainable for the environment, our clients and guests. We work to procure as responsibly and sustainably as possible, and we continue to expand our sustainability efforts by integrating new innovative systems to reinforce our commitment to bettering the environment.


We choose the most opportune times of the year when food is harvested at its ‘Farm-to-Fork’ peak flavor. We go to great lengths to incorporate the freshest ingredients on the market for developing our delectable musings and strive to offer our clients the very best seasonal products from local farms, ranches, and co-ops.


Integrating a nutritional program that targets our client’s needs is critical in enhancing positive eating habits and ultimately supporting a healthy lifestyle for our guests. We fully understand how essential nutritious, balanced, whole meals are to the well-being of our clients and the community so we prepare our recipes and menus to meet the highest Dietary Guidelines. 


At Provider, we have the ability to customize ALL aspects of our food service programs to specifically address your needs.  This includes taking into account: the selection of food choices, financial constraints, level of environmental impact, time limitations, nutritional restrictions, and the ability to enhance the health and well-being of our guests. We encourage flexibility and develop contracts to uniquely fit your strategic plan and create unique solutions to your specific requests. 


We take a great deal of pride in providing the finest, quality ingredients possible. We have gone to great lengths to qualify our vendor partners and continue to evaluate and challenge them to attain ever higher standards of excellence.

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