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At Provider, we curate a team of professionally trained chefs hailing from diverse culinary backgrounds and pair them with seasoned hospitality managers boasting decades of experience in retail dining. Our mission is to transcend the mere act of sharing a meal, infusing it with an artistic essence. Embracing innovation, we reimagine culinary preparation and presentation, culminating in menus that are not just up-to-date, but brimming with flavors that tantalize the senses. This ethos infuses new concepts, contemporary designs, cutting-edge decor, and genuinely enticing cuisine into the lives of those who hold a special place in your heart, day in and day out.

Our journey started with triumphs at our flagship seafood eateries, Market Broiler & MB Grille, cementing our reputation. Our inaugural contract account, Harvest Christian Fellowship, marked the beginning of a transformative path. Subsequently, Cal Baptist University invited us to redefine their food service landscape. The result? Consistent recognition as the #1 Best Private College Food in California, a testament to the contentment of the CBU students we serve.

Provider's essence lies in its ability to shatter conventional food service paradigms, introducing a distinctive philosophy to the contract business landscape. A chef-driven approach empowers us to place heightened emphasis on customer contentment, pristine food quality, and artful presentation.


Yet, our mission transcends the realms of great service, exceptional value, and the creation of delectable dining encounters at competitive prices. We are, at our core, ardent listeners, attuned to your unique requirements. This understanding guides us as we craft bespoke strategies to fulfill your strategic objectives. From elevating food quality to diversifying offerings, from enhancing convenience to providing exceptional value, adhering to stringent safety standards, and championing sustainability, all while embracing 100% financial transparency – we are dedicated to crafting tailored plans that yield optimal solutions for our valued patrons.


Since our establishment in 1989, Preferred Hospitality, Inc. (PHI), led by our visionary CEO & Founder, Rodney Couch, has been committed to delivering an unparalleled standard of hospitality and value to both our cherished guests and esteemed clients. Under the umbrella of PHI, our brand, Provider Contract Food Service, has flourished, alongside Market Broiler and MB Grille Restaurants, as a testament to our dedication.

The origins of Provider trace back to the heart of the Inland Empire, where we embarked on our journey by collaborating with local churches, schools, and community organizations to establish reputable and remarkable food service establishments.

Over the years, our growth has been marked by the creation of innovative programs, the architectural design of inviting dining halls, and the empowerment of others to independently manage their culinary endeavors. While many of our clients have sought our expertise to reinvent their dining programs, we approach every transition with careful consideration. Our strategy involves active listening, collaborative assessment, and a commitment to preserving the existing culture as we strive for continuous enhancement.

At Provider, our distinctive approach is founded on fostering an atmosphere of unbroken continuity while steering progress. Our passion lies in crafting food service strategies that not only heighten participation and satisfaction but also align seamlessly with each client's unique identity.

We achieve this by curating dining experiences that encompass the finest ingredients, pioneering culinary concepts, and an array of offerings that provide exceptional value.

An exceptional facet of Provider's legacy is our unparalleled loyalty from clients, as well as the extraordinary tenure of our associates. Many members of our team embarked on their journey with us as student-workers, shaping their professional paths while contributing to the institutions we serve. With diligence and perseverance, numerous individuals have ascended the ranks to occupy top-tier management positions, showcasing the boundless opportunities for growth within our organization.

Our team embodies the virtues of competence, integrity, and unwavering dedication to our mission – to be the paramount name in the food service landscape. The accolades we receive from students, as well as the consistent high levels of client contentment, serve as tangible affirmations of our team's proficiency and commitment to excellence. It's through these resounding endorsements that we have expanded our reach, propelled by an unequivocal intent to redefine the food service industry.

As we embrace the future, Provider remains resolute in its pledge to uphold the highest standards of hospitality and innovation. With every dish we craft, every partnership we forge, and every satisfied customer we serve, we are resolutely committed to advancing our legacy of excellence, all while staying true to our founding principles that have guided us from the very beginning.


Inspired by the captivating Spanish Tapas tradition, our innovative 'Bite-Size Plate' concept elevates dining with its exquisite small-plate offerings, seamlessly presented in an all-you-care-to-enjoy style. This novel approach beckons our guests to embark on a culinary journey of exploration, savoring an array of flavors while relishing in smaller, more health-conscious portions. Notably, this approach also resonates with our commitment to sustainability, as it significantly reduces campus food waste, aligning with our mission to minimize our environmental footprint.

Embracing dietary diversity, our commitment extends to our guests seeking Vegetarian and No-Gluten-Added options, thoughtfully highlighted during each meal period for easy access. Our Special Dietary Needs Station caters to various restrictions including No-Gluten-Added and Dairy-Free options, as well as personalized requests. Our custom Meal Plans reflect both dietary needs and our commitment to community inclusivity.



We provide comprehensive and punctual reports encompassing purchasing, rebates, and intricate financial performance details. Our commitment to transparency extends to granting audible rights, a cornerstone in fostering trust and cultivating enduring relationships with our esteemed clients.


Our goal is to embrace a holistic strategy that ensures long-term sustainability for both the environment and the well-being of our clients and guests. Our approach revolves around responsible and sustainable sourcing practices. Moreover, we consistently enhance our sustainability initiatives, incorporating innovative systems that underscore our unwavering dedication to environmental enhancement.


We choose the most opportune times of the year when food is harvested at its ‘Farm-to-Fork’ peak flavor. We go to great lengths to incorporate the freshest ingredients on the market for developing our delectable musings and strive to offer our clients the very best seasonal products from local farms, ranches, and co-ops.


Integrating a nutritional program that targets our client’s needs is critical in enhancing positive eating habits and ultimately supporting a healthy lifestyle for our guests. We fully understand how essential nutritious, balanced, whole meals are to the well-being of our clients and the community so we prepare our recipes and menus to meet the highest Dietary Guidelines. 


Provider stands as a beacon of customization, adeptly tailoring every facet of our food service programs to align with your precise requirements. This spans a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing food variety, financial considerations, ecological sensitivity, time constraints, dietary specifications, and the promotion of guest well-being. Our ethos champions adaptability and innovation, crafting contracts that harmonize seamlessly with your strategic vision. We specialize in curating distinctive solutions that cater to your individual requests, culminating in an unparalleled dining experience.


A profound sense of pride permeates our commitment to sourcing the utmost quality ingredients available. Our rigorous efforts encompass meticulous vendor partner selection, an ongoing process that revolves around scrutiny and progression, as we continuously push boundaries to achieve elevated benchmarks of excellence.

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