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Provider continues to expand our locally grown program.


Our seasonal approach to planning focuses on working with local farmers to forecast the availability of fresh, local ingredients and planning our rotating menus around the harvests.


The result is maximum freshness and flavor, while working to reduce our carbon footprint. 


We are excited to partner with Fresh Concepts, a field to table produce management organization.


Fresh Concepts is designed around the needs of the diner. They work directly with farmers to ensure the freshest, highest-quality produce makes it from local farms to our tables.


We are proud to partner with Challenge, a dairy farm cooperative, for all of our dairy needs. The co-op is a group of California dairy families and businesses working together to enhance and promote dairy sustainability. 


The sustainability efforts focus both on the co-op’s operations and that of their suppliers through a process of continuous evaluation. All of the dairy products coming from Challenge are locally produced from Southern California to the San Joaquin Valley.  Through Challenge, we provide Certified Organic dairy products from Straus Dairy Products and Humboldt Creamery. Challenge is also currently testing the only truck in the world that refrigerates the dairy products entirely on solar power.


In our desire to source the most responsible, highest quality provisions, we utilize local seafood and meat vendors for a variety of specialty items.  These supplemental suppliers are a key to Provider’s ability to offer a full spectrum of quality menu items, ranging from the daily dining for students and sporting events, to fine dining for faculty, distinguished guests and fundraising events.


For our fresh seafood needs, we utilize Anderson Seafoods based in Orange County. Anderson has an impressive line of fresh seafood including a full line of locally harvested and sustainable fish.


For meats, we use West Coast Prime Meats, a high-end supplier of beef, pork, chicken and lamb.

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