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Upon entering any of our diverse food service establishments, you'll immediately notice our well-displayed menus. Each station is adorned with a themed concept monitor or sign that perfectly complements the cuisine being served. These concepts undergo regular rotation, ensuring that our expansive global menu remains dynamic and easily accessible. Every station boasts a meticulously presented plate, a feast for both the eyes and palate.

Incorporating both aesthetics and practicality, digital menu boards proudly showcase the offerings at each station, featuring prominently sized letters that can be read effortlessly, even without queuing in line. To combat monotony, we offer a range of exciting diversions, which are announced through engaging table tents, eye-catching posters, and timely email notifications throughout the semester. Our goal is to continually captivate our student body and maintain their involvement.

In our pursuit of culinary excellence, we embrace a spirit of adventure by introducing unconventional menu items that push boundaries—think succulent pork belly and beyond. This approach sparks curiosity and encourages students to broaden their gastronomic horizons, fostering a deeper appreciation for diverse flavors.

To ensure we're attuned to our guests' needs, we offer daily electronic guest surveys, available at their convenience. These surveys, administered at the end of each semester, provide us with invaluable insights into guest satisfaction levels. The data collected fuels targeted improvements that align precisely with the preferences of our esteemed clientele. Additionally, our Student Food Committee serves as a vital conduit for menu feedback, representing the collective voice of the campus and further contributing to our quest for culinary excellence.


Our culinary approach at Provider revolves around a unique concept inspired by Spanish Tapas – the art of savoring small, meticulously crafted plates. We've taken this concept and reimagined it to offer an extraordinary experience where our guests can indulge in restaurant-quality, small-plate presentations, all within an all-you-care-to-enjoy framework.

Our philosophy encourages exploration and the joy of tasting a diverse range of foods, all thoughtfully portioned for a healthier indulgence. As part of our commitment to holistic well-being, we seamlessly integrate ongoing nutritional education into our menu offerings, empowering our guests to make informed choices without compromising on taste or satisfaction.

For those who embrace specific dietary preferences, our culinary journey includes dedicated Vegetarian and No-Gluten-Added options, prominently displayed during every meal period. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to revel in delectable flavors without any dietary concerns holding them back.

We take immense pride in catering to Special Dietary Needs, such as No-Gluten-Added, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, and more. Our dedication to inclusivity ensures that these dietary preferences are seamlessly woven into every station and meal we present. It's our mission to ensure that each guest can enjoy a fulfilling dining experience that respects their unique dietary requirements.

Recognizing that nourishment and community go hand in hand, we offer the flexibility to customize Meal Plans according to specific dietary needs. Our personalized menu lists cater to diverse preferences, guaranteeing that fellowship can thrive throughout the school year.

For those with distinct dietary needs, we extend a warm invitation to get in touch with our dedicated Special Diets Coordinator. They can guide and assist you. Provider’s Special Diets Coordinators can be reached via email at This personalized approach underscores our commitment to going above and beyond, creating a culinary environment where every individual's needs are not only met but celebrated.

At Provider, exceptional taste knows no boundaries – our dedication to innovation and inclusivity ensures that our culinary offerings are a delight for every palate, every preference, and every lifestyle.

Savor the extraordinary. Embrace the inclusive.

DIgital App 

Prior to stepping foot into any of our campus eateries, our exclusive dining app takes the lead. A quick tap on the app unveils our comprehensive menu, complete with captivating images of each delectable dish awaiting you. We recognize the individuality of every guest's dietary preferences and have taken steps to accommodate them.


Our innovative filtering system allows you to seamlessly narrow down your choices, displaying only the options that align with your specific dietary requirements.

To enhance your dining experience further, we've introduced a star rating feature for every item on the menu. This intuitive tool empowers our guests to provide instant feedback and evaluations, enabling us to continually refine and elevate our offerings. Your feedback is not only valued, but actively embraced as a means to improve and tailor our services to your preferences.

Whether it's a matter of dietary considerations or your thoughts on the culinary journey we've crafted, our dining app is your interactive platform for expression. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our efforts, and our app is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience that's both intuitive and personalized.

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