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From the moment you enter one of our various food service locations our menu is posted. A themed concept monitor or sign at each station reflects the menu being served. Concepts change at each meal, allowing our large global menu to rotate with ease. Each station displays an individual stylized-plate of goodness. 


A decorative chalkboard listing the offerings in large letters at each station makes it easy-to-read without getting in line.  We offer many monotony breakers announced through table tents, posters, email blasts throughout the semester to keep the students engaged.  We also like to be “adventurous” and offer out-of-the-ordinary menu items (think, pork belly) to create interest and have the students expand their culinary horizons! 


To measure our guest satisfaction levels, guest surveys are available each and every day, and are taken electronically at the end of each semester. The data is used to drive change that matches the wishes of our client base. Our Student Food Committee provides additional menu feedback on behalf of the campus.


Provider's signature, small plate concept was modeled after Spanish Tapas to offer restaurant quality, small-plate presentations, in the all-you-care-to-enjoy format. It encourages guests to explore and experience a variety of foods, but in smaller, healthier portions. Ongoing nutritional education is integrated into the menu offerings.  Vegetarian and No-Gluten-Added options are posted at each meal period. 


A Special Dietary Needs Station offers No-Gluten-Added, Dairy-Free and other Special-request Diet Items. Additionally, Meal Plans can be completely customized to meet special dietary needs, including a  personalized menu list, ensuring fellowship can be maintained throughout the school year.  

DIgital App 

Even before you enter any of our campus restaurants, our menu is posted on our proprietary dining app. At a glance, our app shows what dining options are currently open with a photo library of every food item that is available. We understand that every Guest has different dietary needs and in an effort to support those needs, we created a filter so that only those dietary specific foods are shown.


We have also added a star rating feature on every food item so that the Guests have an easily accessible platform to show us how we are doing and how to better serve them.

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