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Food Styling on Plate


At Provider, we curate a team of professionally trained chefs hailing from diverse culinary backgrounds, and pair them with seasoned hospitality managers boasting decades of experience in retail dining. Our mission is to transcend the act of breaking bread, infusing it with an artistic essence. Embracing innovation, we reimagine culinary preparation and presentation, culminating in menus that are not just up-to-date, but brimming with flavors that tantalize the senses. This ethos infuses new concepts, contemporary designs, cutting-edge decor, and genuinely enticing cuisine into the lives of those we serve.


Our journey started with triumphs at our flagship seafood eateries, Market Broiler & MB Grille, cementing our reputation. Our inaugural contract account, Harvest Christian Fellowship, marked the beginning of a transformative path. Subsequently, Cal Baptist University invited us to redefine their food service landscape. The result? Consistent recognition as the #1 Best Private College Food in California, a testament to the contentment of the CBU students we serve.

Provider's essence lies in its ability to shatter conventional food service paradigms, introducing a distinctive philosophy to the contract business landscape. A chef-driven approach empowers us to place heightened emphasis on customer contentment, pristine food quality, and artful presentation.


Yet, our mission transcends the realms of great service, exceptional value, and the creation of delectable dining encounters at competitive prices. We are, at our core, ardent listeners, attuned to your unique requirements. This understanding guides us as we craft bespoke strategies to fulfill your strategic objectives. From elevating food quality to diversifying offerings, from enhancing convenience to providing exceptional value, adhering to stringent safety standards, and championing sustainability, all while embracing 100% financial transparency – we are dedicated to crafting tailored plans that yield optimal solutions for our valued patrons.


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