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Micro Markets
The Self Service Micro Markets are available 24 hours a day and feature snacks, beverages and freshly made sandwiches and salads. The markets are located adjacent to the cafe at the Hillside campus, 3rd floor at 1111, ground floor at building 950 and 870.

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Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity is an unfortunate reality for many students at The ArtCenter College of Design. Through awareness and dedication to their students, this college has developed several remedies which can help fight food insecurity for many of its students allowing them to focus on their main goal of education. To learn more, please click the button below to be redirected to the ArtCenter's website to read more on their current programs.


Provider has partnered with Premier, a powerful GPO who provides the most competitive program available to universities throughout the US. We find that this breadth of available contracts is indispensable as students and their parents increasingly demand higher quality dining services along every facet – including not only taste and freshness, but healthy foods that are organic, natural, sustainable and responsibly produced. The Premier partnership allows us 100% transparency throughout the supply chain.

Our approach to procurement in the produce category follows suit with our approach to the broadline category(s). After much consideration, we have chosen to partner with Fresh Concepts, a field-to-table produce management organization. In addition to the leveraged prices, Provider also has every facility we operate inspected by a field representative, every four months, which provides us with a report on the quality we are receiving.

Though the majority of Provider’s proteins come through the Premier Program, distributed by US Foodservice, we do utilize local seafood and meat processors for a variety of specialty items. These supplemental suppliers are key to Provider’s ability to offer a full spectrum of quality menu items, ranging from the daily dining for students, to the fine dining options for faculty and fundraising events. These providers will vary market to market.  The fresh seafood supplier will be required to offer a full line of fresh seafood including locally-harvested, sustainable fish. They must operate out of a USDC inspected plant with a robust HACCP plan, ensuring their production processes (and ultimately the final product) is safe.

For our specialty meats, we only use high-end processors of beef, pork, chicken and lamb with talented meat cutters that produce products with exceptional workmanship while offering a full line of natural meats and is Certified Organic. All of our meat suppliers are USDA inspected, enforce a stringent HACCP plan, and receive top ratings from third party inspectors.

There are a variety of disposables with varying degrees of costs and accessability. We work with the campus sustainability designers to develop a campus plan that balances cost and sustainability goals. Each campus is unique, therefore we recognize the need for short term as well as long term goals.

Provider takes a great deal of pride in providing the finest service possible to its clients. From our breadth of menu offerings, cleanliness, operational efficiency, friendliness in a spirit of service, to the students and faculty we serve. A bedrock of being able to provide these features is in our sourcing. We have gone to great lengths to qualify our vendor partners and continue to evaluate and challenge them to attain ever-higher standards of excellence.

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